Executive Board

Ronald Clayton, W5ADA


Ronald is our Club President for his 3rd year in a row. Poor guy.

Vice President

Dave got railroaded into his position but he is taking it well. We needed his guiding hand.

David Hollar, KA5FNQ
Albert Vadnais, KI5LBY


Al is a retired veteran with 20 years in the Army as a Field Artillery Systems Mechanic. He passed his Technician in September of 2020, passed General in October of the same year, and passed Extra on Field Day 2021. He became interested in ham radio while looking to go RVing in remote places and needing a communications solution where cell phones don’t work. He has been supporting this Club as Secretary since July of 2021. His radio interests include antenna design and construction, digital mode communications, ARES and SkyWarn support, 3D design and printing, and many other technologies that support ham radio operations.


Jamie makes sure our finances are straight.

Jamie Vadnais, KI5QWK
Aaron Epley, KI5THW

Member at Large #1

Aaron is a medically retired Patriot Missile Systems Operator. He passed his Technician license in January of 2022 and is currently studying to obtain his General. He first got interested in ham radio while looking to serve his community by being a storm spotter, which led him to SkyWarn and ham radio. He enjoys the community service aspects of ham radio and coordinates with event organizers to ensure the Club can provide communications support. His radio interests include DIY antennas, digital communications, Arduino coding, and 3D printing.

Member at Large #2

Position Currently Vacant