About Us

Who We Are

Lawton-Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the Amateur Radio Hobby through Disaster Preparedness, Perfecting Communication Skills, STEM Education, and Community Event Support. Our Club was recognized as an Amateur Radio Club by the rules of ARRL (American Radio Relay League) on January 10th, 1949. Our Club has been incorporated in the State of Oklahoma since 1953. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of individual operator proficiency, knowledge, and radio conduct. We conduct Club activities in support of the community and their events which allows active engagement with potential and current ham radio enthusiasts thus ensuring the continued relevance of radio and the Amateur Radio hobby in our rapidly changing world.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, 7pm at the Lawton Optimist International building located at 2113 Monroe Ave in Lawton OK. It is possible to attend remotely by special arrangement. Contact Al (KI5LBY) at secretaryw5ks@gmail.com at least two days prior to the meeting. Attendees are encouraged to be at the meeting up to 30 minutes prior for sign-in and any socializing (eyeball QSO) that you wish to partake in.

All regularly scheduled Club meetings are open to the public. All persons interested in amateur radio are invited to attend, learn, and participate.

Club Nets

We conduct a weekly net each Thursday evening at 7pm. All licensed amateur radio operators are invited to participate. There is no requirement for Club membership. Those who do not yet have a license are encouraged to listen in to learn net procedures and individual operations. The net control operator will guide the net, providing structure, announcements, radio news, and a general radio question for discussion. We wish to provide a sense of community to the local amateur radio enthusiasts and provide a space to discuss, learn, and practice radio operations. Anyone who would like to volunteer to be a net control operator or suggest a question for discussion, contact Dave (KA5FNQ) at vicepresidentw5ks@gmail.com.

Net frequencies vary depending on the week. On the first three Thursdays of the month, we conduct our net on the 146.91 MHz repeater which has a negative offset and a tone of 173.8. On the fourth Thursday we conduct a simplex net on 146.52 MHz. If there is a fifth Thursday, we conduct our net on our second repeater on 147.36 MHz with a positive offset and no tone.