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Mark Kleine N5HZR 405-410-6756

ARRL Oklahoma Section Manager

OK Spring POTA

Oklahoma Spring POTA is scheduled for the third weekend of April, on the 15/16 UTC. We have 164 parks to activate so mark your calendars and find more details at

VOTA Early Stats

ARRL Operations Manager Bob Nauman W5OV reports one million QSOs uploaded to Logbook of the World (LOTW) in the first two months of 2023. This year long operating event, called Volunteers On The Air (VOTA) tracks the contacts between ARRL members as they are uploaded to LOTW. Work a badged ARRL member and you get more points! More info is at Learn more about LOTW at and have your club get everyone signed up. Simplex contacts on VHF and UHF can be uploaded and are great ways to let Technicians join the fun.

2023 Oklahoma Hamfests

Hamfests are the amateur radio conventions, flea markets, vendor meets, testing locations, and training seminars all wrapped up into one festival. March brings the start of Hamfest season with Elk City and the “Big Dog” Green Country Hamfest. Make your plans to meet us at one or all the state hamfests. More info is available at the URL See you there!

OKC Memorial Marathon

110 amateur radio operators are needed this year to cover the entire OKC marathon course with public service communications on April 30. This is a great way to get some real-world communication experience since they will pair new folks with experience communicators. Details and sign up today at

Join ARRL…

With all this activity, now is the time for folks to join or renew an ARRL membership. This can be done online 24 hours a day at the ARRL website, Or a call to Member Services at 860-594-0200 during East Coast business hours will make it all happen.